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Realms of War

Realms of War is a game of fantasy battlefields, of monsters, soldiers and magic. Players take the roles of commanders of huge armies in a game that’s never played the same way twice, even if players use the same army over and over again.

Unlike other card games that represent fantasy “battles” there are no contrived effects or cutesy, gamey rules. Realms of War plays like a real, epic battle with units, flanks and tactics. There are no cards to collect; each set contains everything you need to immediately begin fighting fantasy battles.

In Realms of War, cards represent units, commanders, magic, random events and terrain. The key to the game is not only getting the right cards at the right time, but playing them at the right time much like a general must recognize and take advantage of his opportunities.

Example of gameplay from the rulebook


Sample battlefield from the rulebook:

Backside of the player aid card

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*coming soon* - War in the Dark, an expansion for underground battles between drow, dwarves, monster hordes and skaven.

 Fields of Carnage adds in multiplayer play (3-4 players) and rules for battlefield weather.

Realms of the Arcane which introduces magic items for use on the battlefield.

How to order the rules:

Realms of War rules are available by sending $8.95 to Paypal.  You will receive an email with the rulebook, player aid card and fate cards as printable files.  Ready-to-play armies are available for download above.

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